Ultrasound Technician Wage Stats For Alaska

The most common employers of an ultrasound technician are general medical and surgical hospitals, doctors’ clinics and diagnostic imaging centers. These individuals are taught how to properly man ultrasound equipment and detect medical conditions. As noted by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the ultrasound technician salary in Alaska is one of the highest in the country. Majority of the workers who live here earn an average of $65,000 per year. This is about $3,000 higher than the national average which is $62,000. There are many factors that can change the pay rate for this career and one of them is the specialization of a person. On average, the cardiovascular ultrasound salary in AK is $56,000 per annum. However, the starting salary for newly graduates in this area is at $50,000. Experienced cardiovascular ultrasound technicians can earn as much as $85,100 annually. This is a pretty high amount compared to the pay rates in other states.

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A chief ultrasound technician who lives in Anchorage, AL has a yearly pay check of $91,695. Those who belong in the lower 25th percentile earn an average of $74,637 in a year and the upper 25th percentile gets $109,532. Those who live in Fairbanks have an annual pay of $92,061 with the lower 25th percentile getting $74,935 and the upper 25th percentile receives $109,970. Juneau chief ultrasound technicians have an annual recoupment of $92,875. Those who belong in the lower 25th percentile make a mean income of $75,597 each year while the ones in the upper 25th percentile get $110,942. The job description of a worker also influences the ultrasound technician salary in Alaska. An ultrasound technician sonographer receives a median pay of $52,000 per annum while a certified ophthalmic technician earns $30,000. The average earnings of a medical instrument technician is around $45,000 while that of a lead medical instrument technician is $52,000. Those who perform the assignments of a nuclear medical technician are paid $60,000 annually. Compare Alaska salaries to those in Florda: http://techniciansalary.net/ultrasound-technician-salary-in-florida/ and California: http://techniciansalary.net/ultrasound-technician-salary-in-california/

An electronics technician biomedical has a yearly pay check of $51,000 while an electronics test technician receives an average of $31,000. A vascular technologist who lives in this state is paid $60,000 while an ultrasonographer gets $31,000 in a year. The average pay of an ultrasound technician in AK is around $44,000 annually. There are so many other factors that can make a difference in the pay of an ultrasound tech. Work experience, employer type and geographic placement are just some of the common salary variables. Aside from the basic pay that these health care professionals get, they also enjoy various company benefits. However, the kind of benefits that they receive will depend on the type of company or industry that they work for. Examples of company benefits that ultrasound tech employers provide are dental, health and vision insurances. There are also paid vacation weeks and holiday leaves, the longevity will depend on the person’s work experience. The Bureau of Labor Statistics said that the employment demand in this state is 17 percent lower than the national average. But this may change in the next few years if the industry continues to positively grow.

Alaska is known to be the largest state in the United States. However, it remains to be one of the least populated. The number of technical schools in Alaska is not as many as the ones in California or New York. But there are a few that provide excellent quality of education when it comes to health care, business and technology courses. The Alaska Native Medical Center is located at 4315 Diplomacy Drive in Anchorage. This center offers basic and specialized training programs in the field of ultrasound technology. For more information about the courses that it has, you may call them at 907-563-2662 or browse the website: www.anthc.org/anmc/contact.cfm. The Kaplan University is an online school that makes learning more flexible and convenient for its students. As of today, this institution has more than 200 courses in various fields including legal studies, nursing, education and fire sciences.