Annual Income For Ultrasound Technician In Colorado

An ultrasound tech is a member of the medical team who obtains images that are used in diagnosing fetus condition, cardiovascular diseases and other illnesses. They are extensively trained to operate ultrasound machines to get a clear image of the inside structures of the human body. The salary of an ultrasound technician greatly varies from state to state, region to region and city to city. The Ultrasound technician average pay is influenced by a number of factors. Geographic location, type of employer, work experience and educational attainment are some of the major determinants of this profession’s salary. According to the information provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual ultrasound technician salary in Colorado is around $64,290 to $77,380. This translates to an hourly rate of $27.23 to $37.20.

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As mentioned earlier, one of the major determinants of an ultrasound technician’s salary is location. To illustrate further, here are some of the cities in CO and their corresponding median annual wage. Colorado Springs pays its ultrasound technician an average of $71,590 a year while Boulder is at a rate of $83,790. Aurora and Denver have similar rates for this profession which is $79,790 a year. Just by looking at these figures, anyone can tell that individuals who have this kind of career do not only have a stable job, but also a well-paying one. Based on the information that the Bureau of Labor Statistics have garnered, the salary for ultrasound technicians continually grows every year. For example, the salary for this position in Denver, Colorado was $58,000 in the year 2006. It increased into $60,500 in 2007 and became $62,500 in 2008. And now, the rate has significantly improved to $79,790. It doesn’t take a math expert to realize that this profession is indeed very rewarding.

The high ultrasound technician salary in CO is one of the reasons why more and more individuals want to have this job title. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that there will be an 18 percent increase in the employment rate for ultrasound technicians in this state. It will continually improve through the coming years until 2018. It has been reported that there are around 870 individuals who are currently employed as professional sonographers in this area. This number is considered low compared to the number of people who need the medical attention of ultrasound technicians. Recent survey shows that there are around 75.9 percent of women who are having annual mammograms in Colorado. The growing population of the elderly is just one of the many factors that contribute to the increase in the employment rate for ultrasound technicians. This means that the job outlook for aspiring diagnostic medical sonographers in this area is very promising. Pursuing a career in this field will provide them with a stable job and a salary that can support their families. And as there are various advancements available in this industry, then there is always a room for improvement.

Interested parties are strongly encouraged to complete a formal training program in ultrasound technology. This usually takes around 2 to 4 years. Finishing a 2-year coursework will grant the student with an associate’s degree. Although this is sufficient to land a job in this field, having a bachelor’s degree will definitely boost up an applicant’s credentials. There are various schools and universities in the United States that provide formal training programs in ultrasound technology. Pueblo Community College is a technical school in Colorado that offers an associate’s degree or certificate in this field. It has been accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and the Higher Learning Commission. The school’s mission is to provide high-quality education that will drive their students to success. The dedicated website of the school is Aspiring ultrasound technicians are also encouraged to call this number, 719-549-3200, for further inquiries. Another popular technical school in Colorado is Red Rocks Community College. This is located in 13300 West Sixth Avenue in Lakewood city. They also have a 2-year training program and they do provide financial aids to their students. Feel free to visit them at,, or call them at 303-914-6600.