Ultrasound Technician Pay For Delaware

An ultrasound technician is a medical professional that conducts ultrasound procedures. They work with different kinds of patients, from expectant mothers to people with cardiovascular diseases. The images that they produced are used by doctors and physicians to diagnose any medical condition that may need their immediate attention. And because more and more health care facilities are in need of these medical professionals, their salary is also continually increasing. Of course, there are a number of factors that can affect an ultrasound technician’s average pay check. Some of these are education attainment, work experience and geographic location. Because of these determinants, the average ultrasound technician salary by state will vary as well as from city to city and region to region. But aside from their basic salary, ultrasound technicians are also entitled to several health care benefits. This will depend on the type of employer that they have and on their job title.

The ultrasound technician salary in Delaware is no exception to this fact. Based on the information provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual rate of this profession in this state is around $63,800. This amount is fairly close to the declared national average which is $63,640 in a year. The field of ultrasound technology offers many areas for advancement that can also help improve one’s average salary. The level of education and work experience of a certain candidate is often used as a basis for promotion. Furthermore, an applicant who has a bachelor’s degree in ultrasound technology has a better chance of climbing up the corporate ladder than someone who has an associate’s degree. Having a certificate in one of the sub-fields of ultrasound technology is one way to boost up an applicant’s credentials.

Here are some of the major cities in the state of DE as well as the different job titles related to the field and their corresponding average rates. The median annual wage of a diagnostic medical sonographer in Dover is currently at $59,000. A vascular sonographer has an average rate of $60,000 in a year while an obstetric sonographer earns around $48,000. A nuclear medical technologist, on the other hand, has a median annual wage of $59,000. The city of Newark has different rates for the following job titles as well. A diagnostic medical sonographer salary of a tech working in this area has a rate of $64,000 each year while a vascular sonographer receives around $65,000. Someone who is employed as an obstetric sonographer gets paid $52,000 annually while a nuclear medical technologist has a pay check of $64,000. Wilmington has varying salaries too. Ultrasound technicians in this place earn $67,000 in a year while vascular sonographers receive $68,000. The obstetric sonographers in this city have a yearly pay check of $54,000 while nuclear medical technologists are paid $67,000. Judging from the information stated above, one can tell that each job title has a different rate in different areas of DE alone. One thing that applicants can do to ensure that they have a fat pay check is to seek a job in the right city or area.

Similar to the other states in the country, there is no standard job requirement for this position. However, employers seek to hire applicants who have completed a formal training in this field. An aspiring ultrasound technician can get either an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree from at least one technical school in Delaware. There is one that is located in the city of Owens – Delaware Technical and Community College. This school offers a 2-year course program in ultrasound technology and hones their students to take the registration exam. It is a public school that has been accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and Commission on Higher Education. Anyone is free to visit their website at www.dtcc.edu/owens/ or call them at 302-856-5400. Their exact location is at Route 18, Seashore Highway in Georgetown. They also have a campus situated in Stanton-Wilmington area. This school also aims to provide practical value to high-quality education and it offers financial aid to its students. Its dedicated website is www.dtcc.edu and the contact number is 302-454-3900.