Ultrasound Technician Annual Income For Florida

An ultrasound technician has various responsibilities to perform. He or she is in-charge of keeping the records of patients and administering ultrasound procedures. He or she is also highly trained on how to properly operate any equipment that is related to sonography. The salary of an Ultrasound Tech is an important aspect to consider if contemplating this as a career move. It is affected by a number of factors such as geographic location, type of employer, work experience and level of education. This is the reason why the salary of an ultrasound technician in FL varies from city to city and region to region. The state of Florida is no exception to this. In fact, each of the major cities in this area has a different rate for their professional sonographers.

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Here are some of the biggest cities in Florida as well as their corresponding average rates for ultrasound technicians. Cape Coral has a rate of $66,000 per year while Jacksonville pays $64,000. Those who are employed in the areas of Fort Lauderdale and Hialeah have the same average annual wage which is $66,000. The ones who are located in Miami have a yearly pay check of $67,000 while those in Orlando receive $61,000 per year. Port St. Lucie is currently at an annual rate of $59,000 while St. Petersburg, on the other hand, pays $63,000. Ultrasound technicians in Tallahassee are paid around $62,000 each year while those in Tampa earn $63,000. The location of an individual indeed plays a very important role in his or her salary. Although Florida may not be the highest paying state in the entire country, it houses some of the highest paying cities. The truth is, most of the people working as professional sonographers in this area have a higher salary than some of their national colleagues.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual ultrasound technician salary in Florida is $68,000. This amount is indeed higher than the declared national average which is $63,640. The relatively high pay in this area is one of the reasons why more and more individuals want to work as an ultrasound technician in Florida. Comparing the statewide average of this profession to other jobs, one can conclude that sonographers are earning almost twice as much as some workers do. The BLS has predicted that there will be a 25 percent increase in the employment rate of ultrasound technicians in Florida. This will continue to grow within the next 10 years. That is why students are strongly encouraged to pursue a career in this field. Not only does it have a strong salary, but it is also stable and permanent. There are also numerous ways that an ultrasound technician can improve his or her salary. Having a certificate in any of the sub-fields of ultrasound technology can significantly increase one’s average wage. Plus, it can help a candidate climb up the corporate ladder faster. The industry that one works for also affects his or her salary. Survey has shown that private offices pay lower than government or corporate-owned health care facilities.

In order to be a certified ultrasound technician, one has to finish at least a 2-year degree course in ultrasound technology. Aspiring candidates may enroll in any school or university that offers an accredited training program in this field. ATI College of Health is a popular technical school in Florida that provides high-quality education for ultrasound technology students. One of its aims is to prepare these individuals in passing the registration exam administered by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography. This school is known to produce well-educated and well-rounded professionals that employers would surely love to hire. It is currently located at 1395 Northwest 167th Street in the sunny city of Miami. It offers a 2-year coursework that will merit a student an associate’s degree upon completion. It has been accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology. For further inquiries, anyone is welcome to visit their website which is www.aticareertraining.edu or call them at 305-628-1000. Another technical school in Florida is the Barry University. This is a Catholic school that provides both associate’s and bachelor’s degree in ultrasound technology. It even has master’s degree and post-master’s certificate. The school has been accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and Commission on Colleges. For more question, interested applicants may reach the school’s office at 800-756-6000.