Wages For Ultrasound Technician In Iowa

The type of machine that ultrasound technicians work with is called a sonographic scanner. This equipment helps them obtain clearer images of a person’s internal organs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has presented different ultrasound technician salary in Iowa. This is because each city and region has a varying pay rate for their workers. The median salary in Cedar Falls is around $55,897 a year with the highest sector getting $65,880 and the lowest sector receives $46,717 each annum. The annual pay rate for those who live in Cedar Rapids is $59,183 with the up-most quarter receiving $69,753 and the nethermost quarter takes home $49,463. Residents of Davenport make $58,225 on average with the highest sector earning $68,624 and the lowest sector receives a mean income of $48,663 in a year. Those who live in Des Moines takes home a median wage of $63,159 annually. The up-most quarter of the laborers earns $74,439 every year while the nethermost quarter gets $52,786.

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Furthermore,someones who live in Sioux City make an average of $51,905 each year with the highest sector receiving $61,175 and the lowest sector gets $43,381. The median earnings of those who are located in Waterloo is $56,261 per annum. A worker who belongs in the up-most quarter of these individuals gets a mean salary of $66,309 while someone in the nethermost quarter receives $47,021. The bases for calculation of these stated figures are the cost of living and employment demand in each city. The mean annual ultrasound technician salary in Iowa is $49,000. But different job descriptions have different pay rates too. An ultrasound Technician Sonographer has a median income of $59,000 every year while a medical instrument ultrasound technician receives $60,000. The yearly earnings of a certified ophthalmic technician in IA is $34,000 while that of a medical instrument technician supervisor is $63,000. Someone who works as an ultrasound sonographer, on the other hand, earns $48,000 each annum.

An echocardiography instrument technician residing in this area receives an average of $50,000 per year. A lead medical instrument technician makes $58,000 annually while a nuclear medical technician earns $68,000 on average. The mean wage of those who perform the duties of an ophthalmology assistant is $29,000 every year while that of a vascular technologist is $68,000. An electronics test technician receives $35,000 annually while a biomedical electronics technician in IA is paid an average of $57,000. Three of the other factors that can influence the salary of an ultrasound tech are work experience, level of education and workplace. Various industries in this field have different pay rates for their workers. Even the size of the company can affect the salary of a sonographer. Small companies have a salary range of $15 to $23 per hour while medium-sized companies pay their employees $19 to $28. Large hospitals and health care establishments have an average hourly rate of $22 to $33. The job opportunities for ultrasound techs living in Iowa are 6 percent lower than the national job opportunities. But this rate may change as more health care facilities are established in the area.

The Eastern Iowa Community College is a well-respected technical school in Iowa. It has been established in the year 1965 by the state’s general assembly and since then, offers career technology programs. The associate’s degree program in ultrasound technology here takes around 24 months to complete and is comprised of various health care topics. Its current address is 306 West River Drive in Davenport with the contact number of 563-336-3309. Another top-notch learning institution in the area is the Mercy College of Health Sciences where you can earn a degree in many technical fields and earn a great salary. The school’s library is famous for its electronic discs, reference materials, information services and a lot more. There are 680 students enrolled here today and a handful of full-time faculty staff. This is located at 928 Sixth Avenue in Des Moines and can be reached at this number: 515-643-3180. Its medical support and technology course includes classes in sonography, ultrasound tech, surgical tech and many more.