Ultrasound Technician Salary Averages in Maine

It is the job of an ultrasound technician to take precise and accurate images of a person’s body. It is also their responsibility to educate the patients about the process and to put the patients at ease. Based on the wage chart hand over by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual ultrasound technician salary in Maine is $65,840. This means that employees in this area make at least $31.65 per hour. The income of a sonographer is determined by a number of factors. The geographic location of an individual can either increase or lessen his or her yearly pay. Workers who are residing in Bangor have a median annual wage of $58,692 with the upper quartile getting $69,156 and the lower quartile earns $49,034. Those who are located in Portland have an average yearly stipend of $65,923 with the highest 25th bracket making $77,676 and the lowest 25th bracket receives $55,075.

Moreover, employees living in Lewiston have a mean wage of $52,000 every year while the ones residing in Sanford make $49,000. Ultrasound technicians in West Scarborough, on the other hand, have an average income of $50,000 per year. The job title of an individual also plays a major role in the ultrasound technician salary in Maine. A diagnostic radiological technologist has the yearly earnings of $69,000 while that of an ultrasound technologist is $71,000. A vascular technologist has a median annual redress of $72,000 while an echo technologist makes $78,000 on average. The annual pay check of a supervisory diagnostic radiology is $70,000 while that of an echo dopp technologist is $62,000. Those who work as mammography technologists in ME have a median wage of $61,090 every annum while the ones called therapeutic radiological technologist earn $90,000. Compare Maines salary income to the average Ultrasound salary in FL and to technicians in California.

A dosimetrist receives $61,000 per annum while a radiological technician is paid $59,000 on average. A diagnostic radiological technologist CT has the annual earnings of $57,000 while a therapeutic radiological technologist makes an average of $68,000. The median yearly income of an ultrasound technician sonographer in ME is $62,000 while that of an ultrasonographer is $61,000. These health care professionals are also entitled to enjoy company benefits. The amount and type of benefit usually depend on their employer. Most companies provide 5.4 percent of social security while the 401K/403K is 2.7 percent. Disability amounts to 0.5 percent while healthcare is at 7.4 percent. Employers grant around 4.5 percent of pension and 8.7 percent of time off. The benefits are usually based on the average income that they get for their position. However, it does not use personal factors as bases to determine the projected salary range. The job outlook in this area is very excellent. According to the BLS, cardiac sonographers, cardiovascular technicians, x ray technicians and radiologic technicians are just some of the positions that are high in demand. Cardiac sonographers alone have more than one thousand positions in the industry while radiologic technicians are at 4,000 positions. It has been predicted that there will be a 22 percent increase in the employment rate here in Maine.

A full-time ultrasound technician works for 40 hours every week. In order for them to perform their duties well, they enroll in an accredited training program in the local universities and colleges in their area. Although there is no formal type of education required for this job, employers prefer to hire applicants who have a diploma or a degree in this course. Most of the technical schools in Maine require their students to complete a 2-year coursework in allied health science before they can enroll. It also serves as a plus if they can get a certification from the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography. One of the highly recommended schools in ME is Kennebec Valley Community College. This is currently located at 92 Western Avenue in Fairfield. The program that this college offers is a certification in diagnostic ultrasound technician. For more information, anyone is free to browse their website: http://www.kvcc.me.edu/ or call: 207-453-5000.