Welder Salary Stats

In general, a welder’s job is to connect metal parts with the help of hand-welding or flame-cutting tools. He or she is also responsible in checking the metal segments for any defects by using straightedges and templates. A welder’s job demands its worker to be accurate and precise with details at all times. The median range of the income for this position is $35,000 to $70,000 a year or $15 to $30 an hour. Similar to other jobs in the field, the yearly stipend of a welder is modified by a number of things. First of all, the location of a worker makes a big discrepancy in his or her welder salary. As of 2008, the areas with the highest employment rate are Wyoming and Louisiana. The employees residing in these places have a medial annual income of $46,480. Those who are located in Alaska earn a mean salary of $55,200 in a year while the ones situated in Hawaii get $51,380. Welders who are hired in California have a yearly pay check of $39,000 while those working in Florida make $35,000.

Furthermore, wage earners residing in Kansas are paid $30,000 per annum while the ones in Alabama receive $38,000 on average. New York employees make a median pay of $42,000 a year while those living in New Mexico get $32,000. Pennsylvania welders earn a mean income of $32,000 per annum while those who are employed in Kentucky receive $34,000. The medial annual pay in Georgia for these laborers is around $38,000 while that of the workers in Maine is $35,000 on average. One other factor that can influence the welder salary in the U.S. is the work experience of a laborer. Based on the wage chart presented by the BLS, individuals who have one to four years behind them receive a yearly payment of $24,497 to $46,405. Those who have five to nine years of service in the industry make an average of $30,305 to $48,307 annually. Senior welders, on the other hand, have a median annual income range of $35,802 to $64,164. In this field, tenured workers earn more than their newly-graduated colleagues because they are more skilled and knowledgeable about their craft.

The type of employer that these laborers work for affects their yearly salary. Based on the results garnered on the salary survey last 2009, workers in publicly traded companies have a mean income of $31,099 in a year. Those who work for the federal government earn an average of $24,417 per annum with the upper quartile receiving $48,079. Self-employed welders, on the other hand, have a starting medial annual wage of $24,630. Although the entry-level salary of these workers is one of the lowest, they can earn as much as $90,300 annually if they stay longer in the field and gain more popularity. Different industries have varying pay rates too. Construction industries have a salary range of $40,695 to $73,698 while the military pays $29,748 to $47,170. A metal components fabrications establishment has an average pay rate of $28,696 to $46,874 while a steel and metal manufacturing company is at $28,966 to $57,931.

A pipe welder is someone who specializes on metal pipes. He or she uses heat to mold and connect these pipes together. The mean annual pipe welder salary is around $36,630, which means that they earn $17.61 per hour. The highest division of pipe welders has a yearly pay check of $52,420 while the lowest division gets $28,300. The middle 50 percent of the workers in the country earn $34,750 per annum. The common variables that affect the pipe welder salary include geographic location, industry and work experience. As recorded by the BLS, the medial income of these workers in Alaska is $61,550 per year while in Hawaii it is $52,210. These are the top two highest-paying states in the country as of 2009. Wage earners located in Columbia earn $51,900 annually while the ones in Wyoming receive $46,690 on average. The pipe welder salary in Washington, on the other hand, is $43,150 every year. As per industry, individuals who are employed in spectator sports establishments are the highest-paid pipe welders. They make around $61,830 every year. The lowest-paid are those hired in pipeline transportation of natural gas with the average yearly pay of $54,150.

Underwater welders are the professionals who fix ships, bridges, oil drilling platforms and all the welded structures found underwater. But before they work on any underwater project, they first take pictures of it and buy the necessary equipment. An underwater welder’s job is challenging and danger-prone at the same time. These are two of the reasons why the underwater welder salary is quite high. Of course, for someone to be a part of this industry he or she must undergo a special training first. Individuals who have more knowledge in this specialized field also earn the right to demand a higher pay. According to the recent salary survey, the entry level underwater welder salary is around $80,000 a year. But after a few years of working in this industry, a worker’s stipend can go up to $200,000 per annum. Experienced underwater welders no longer work for an entire year. With the fat pay check that they are receiving, they can afford to go on vacation for weeks. Some of the laborers in the country earn as high as $1000 per day, depending on their level of expertise.

Welding skills can be used in many vocational careers. Being a certified welder and working as an auto technician, hvac technician, machinist and fabricator can increase your hourly pay. One sure way for a welder to improve his or her yearly compensation is to get a certificate. Acquiring a certification can increase one’s hourly rate by $3 to $5. For your comparison, the average salaries in Kansas for this field are stated below. A welder who lives in this area has a mean income of $25,000 a year, a pipe welder earns $32,000 annually while a certified welder makes $33,000 per annum. Of course, not everyone can be a welder. You have to undergo the proper welder training so that you can master the skills needed in this field. The TMI is one of the most trusted institutions when it comes to welding. It offers a variety of custom-fit courses for either a company or a self-sponsored position. The school also provides refresher courses and advanced studies to those who seek to receive such learning. TMI aims to be the industry leader by providing product stimulated workmanship activities and all common welding procedures. Its trainers are all registered master welding instructors and its qualification exercises are testified by the CSWIP. You may send in your inquiries about the school’s welder training to trainexam@twi.co.uk.