An open letter of how: If it is not personal, why bother?

\”Anything else, should start by being personal.\”

This appointment was a point of inflection in the 1996 Drama / Romance film \”You have mail\”. The truth is that I can not remember many details of the film beyond the history of the curing and the luxurious escape from \”brain candillos\” of two hours of business plans and young children, but this line has always stayed with me as particularly valuable in life and work. .

For those of you who have not seen the movie, the story began more than a decade ago, when Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks collided again in a stew of love and hate as Kathleen (Meg Ryan) lost his Beloved bookstore for third-generation children, in the great interpretation of the business acquisition of David and Goliath, as Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) of books Fox opened his mega-chain of Barnes and noble equivalent just around the corner.

I’m pretty sure that thisMovie did not overcome the critics cards, and it is likely to be fair to say that the plot was a bit predictable and played, but as primes ofssional with children at high school today, at that time, these actors fell directly within literacy Cultural of my demographic, and history danced with my favorite aspirations around hard work, impartiality, loyalty, family and friendship … with the infinite possibility of romance. .

I was remembered this movie, and that line in particular, when I sat this week to write a profit launch for our business and talk with our outstanding founder and CEO on an update letter to our clients . The news is especially good. registered an increase of 34 percent in new business reserves in 2017, we add hundreds of customers and expand our team of 175 people. That is not, however, what really hit me. YI knew I had the good fortune to choose a product, strategy and winning team when I joined this company last April (and, well, I was glad that I have also chosen me). We have launched two newly incredible products at that time, we have won two important industry awards technical innovation and customer service and support in our market, and we continue a trajectory of a considerable impulse that has my scarf crawling madly in the Wind every day.

The real story behind the headlines

All this achievement provided the headlines, but the true meat, the true story, the best lines of our film, came out in the conversations behind From the scenes I had in this business with so many team members to prepare these standard communications documents. .

Each true conversation was informed by a true desire to help and improve, to help each other andTo our teams do everything possible, to continuously improve the experiences and support of customers, and, in each interaction and commitment, to do is personal, genuine and significant. This type of brainstorming is developed on the commercial side with the launch of regional client events in most major cities next year, with a new series of new education designed to help our clients succeed in supiscipline, and with new products and expansion services through our solutions.

Well, ask for it in.

That’s much more work for our group and my team, but I, like many around me, feel energized to guide them and join them to do it. I work for the main compensation and firm analysis data, so I’m not going to pretend that my salary does not care. He does it. It is a measure and a guide, validation and an enabler. That said, along theYears, I have found that both deep compliance and accelerated success have provided the capacity of one to help others to be and do their best.It is inspiring and motivating individuals around them, whether bosses, team members or clients, and, it turns out, since the numbers support, it is also good for business!

For all of us, those who spend their time away from children, partners, pets, friends, of the lives we live and enjoyed out of the office, what we do allThe days is, in fact, personal … or why bother.

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