Check the most correct salary standard for technicians

Our 5 best recommended sessions of SHRM18

The annual conference and SHRM AMP of this year; The exhibition is just around the corner, and we are only counting the days. Hold on June 17 to 20 in Chicago, SHRM is known for being the largest conference for HR professionals who hope to learn about key human resources, network with colleagues and explore […]

Testimonials of clients: How our product helps HR professionals has created and maintained the most expansive compensation database available for consumers and businesses around the world. While we pride ourselves on our products, we know that our success is based on a personalized and customer-centered communication, and not only during the initial demonstration and the first sale. One of our main objectives as […]

5 Takeaways Important SHRM18 | Companion

\”I love this conference because they are 22,000 people who seek the same: knowledge\”, Jillian Marques, Director of Human Resources at He puts \”human\” in Human Resources [123 ] Human resources: a profession that is rooted in its own nomenclature. As much as our society puts an impulse when selling technology, services or products, […]

Salary survey data navigation

The data from the salaries survey can be a valuable tool in the planning of the workforce. But as with other types of data, the salary survey data can be misleading if used incorrectly.That you are taking full advantage of your salary survey results, download our key to carry. You will learn more about: Knowing […]

Understanding the data of LTI and STI

Bonus payments can take many forms. Download our understanding of LTI and STI Data Whitpaper to understand more about the different types of incentive payment you can take advantage of in your business. Download our free book

2018-2019 National Budget Salary Budget Superior Results

Thank you for your interest in the National Salary Budget Survey 2018-2019 U.S.and Canada. We have a record response of 1,462 responses from organizations of all sizes in more than 20 diverse industries. We have created a higher level report to provide you with a login on your planning and budget for next year. […]

4 composition tools that drive compensation decisions

Compensation decisions have a great impact on business success, to influence the commitment, productivity, recruitment and retention of employees to affect profitability and compliance. With so much at stake, it is important to ensure that the correct compilation tools are in place to help decision making in your organization. In the Results Report of Payment […]

Product in the Attention Center: Compensable Factors

We are constantly improving our award-winning CompanySt platform with new features designed to help you get the right price, for the correct work, each time. In this new series, we will highlight some of our recent improvements and demonstrate how they can help your organization surf the rapidly evolution talent market. Earlier this summer, we […]

Is the PHR certification worth the effort and expenses?

Obtaining a PhR certification is not very expensive compared to other human resources certifications, but requires a significant amount of education and / or experience. The human resources professionals should see an PRS in a Long-term investment that will advance in your knowledge and will improve your position among employers. What is a PhR certification? […]

2020 Increase in minimum wage in Massachusetts.

The minimum wage has increased in Massachusetts and is $ 12.75 / hour from January 1, 2020. It was the second annual increase in a row, since a measure enacted in 2018 established the objective to increase it up to $ 15 for five years. The increase in the minimum wage 2020 has affected more […]

High-performance companies use dedicated systems to get the right to pay

Technology products are an indispensable performance enhancer for compensation professionals, and high-performance companies are more likely to trust one. But is it having a dedicated compensation system really important? If you are getting only to use spreadsheets, or do nothing, why smell time and money in a new system? Is it really a big problem? […]

Jobarquitecto: more intelligent work description management

Jobarchitect simplifies the process of creating and maintaining work descriptions so that it can market price work accurately and contract with confidence. With Jobarchitect, you can easily build and standardize your work descriptions using your content, format and brandExisting or use one of the templates of our extensive library.

Mind the gap: a guide to solve payment gaps in all its workforce

The call to address the equity of payment through its workforce has never been stronger, however, during this time of both economic and society agitation, many organizations remain unreacted to assume this vital topic.Accated the Web Seminar and observe as our compensation experts examine the benefits of developing a salary equity program and the steps […]

Summary of the HR metric survey conducted a survey of human resources metrics that are used to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of human resources policies and the impact of HR function in organizational success. The purpose of the survey was to helpParticipants create and track metrics for their own organizations and take comparisons with their colleagues, as well as […]

Window Research Work Work Description Marant Marachar

Steve Goldberg, VP and Research Director of Window Research, talks about the importance of job descriptions in the world of HR.Explica how work descriptions have worked for a long time as a fundamental element of daily operations ofA human resources department and there is room for innovation.

Unite your compensation management process and work description

Finding a precise salary market price for a job It is always easier to say it. Tools such as Companalyst ⓡ Market data is an excellent place to find reliable market data, but how it uses these tools is equally important. As I’m sure you’ve seen before, just because a work in your company has […]

Payment equity tools game

The Payment Capital Report Toolkit is part of our Companalyst ⓡ Reports and Analytics. The Toolkit will help you evaluate the differences in internal payment and show you where and how to goto them. The payment of people who pay equally is important for compliance, recruitment, retention, \u0026 amp;I, employee commitment and improving business […]

2021 US National Salary Budget Survey UU and Canada

Now, at its eleventh year, the National and Canada Budget Survey offers information from participating organizations on how their peers are budgeting for salaries increases, including merit increases, adjustments of theMarket, the increases in life costs and the total budgets of increase … The survey also provides data on increases in the salaries structure […]

Technology Compensation Market

According to the new data from the lighthouse investigation and the amplifier; advice, the compensation landscape is changing. The new features and technology capabilities, and a different type of demand for buyers, are creating an exciting time To work in compensation. During this session, we will explore our research findings of 800 companies and we […]

Summary of the Metric Survey 2021 HR conducted a survey of human resources metrics that are used to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of human resources policies and the impact of the function of human resources in organizational success. The purpose of the survey was to help the participants.Cree and follow the metrics for their own organizations and make comparisons with […]

Negotiation of salaries for new graduates: Don \u0026 # 039;T LOSE.

By entering the real world and knowing its true value With its university days behind them, the new graduates are looking to enter the workforce and start working at work. Excited by the prospect of landing their first job, graduates do not realize that they could already lose a valuable income when making a big […]

Structuring its compensation plans for growth.

In the growth mode is exciting, but it is important to have the correct compilation strategy to retain and prove the key talent and ensure that it is preparing price work throughout the business In this piece , You will get suggestions from experts on how to plan, build and prepare your comp philosophy […]

A new home for on the web.

Last night we made the transition to from an independent domain to your new home on the web – In this new unified experience, the salary team may offer experiences that resonate for all who visit our site. For existing customers Note that the COMPANALYST product has not changed. You can still log […]

How to build a compensation strategy built for expansion.

In a growth environment, the correct compound plan can help you keep pace with changes and allow rapid integration of new employees, systems and processes. In this program, the Worldatwork and experts discuss the benefits of building a scalable compensation plan that works with you as you grow. You get away with a tangible […]

Compensation and CCP certification professionals.

Obtaining the CCP certification can be costly and requires a lot of time, but often an investment worthwhile. The majority of compensation professionals go to a PCC as a long-term investment that will advance in its Knowledge and will continue quickly with your careers. Employers who recognize the value of PCCP’s credential will often reimburse […]

Salary structures can help you navigate the compensation implications of Covid-19

The economic impact of Covid-19 is feeling throughout the economy and market rates for compensation will change quickly as the recession continues to develop. The implementation or modification of current salary structures can help simplify the payment of the groups and facilitate the determination of where the adjustments are needed. Salary structures ensure that the […]

Covid-19 Webinar: Total rewards at a time of crisis

In this web seminar, Chris Fusco, CCP, GRP, SPHR and Senior Compensation Vice President in and Katie Stukowski, Director of Solutions and Solutions, Solutions Consulting shared Shared Strategies that can put into actionAs you support leadership equipment and employees during this difficult time. Topics include: The role of total rewards professionals6 things that should […]

COVID-19 impact survey: Compensation and Benefits

The Covid-19 Compensation and Benefits Impact Survey, which led 1,176 compensation managers in the United States and Canada, provides information on the full range of actions as employers and human resources professionals who focusIn compensation they are taking in response to Virus Covid-19brote: Details are not discovered in weekly work loss headlines. The report provides […]