Check the most correct salary standard for technicians

5 ways to attack the problem of the inequity of the head payment

The publication of five ways to attack the problem of inequality of payment, first appeared in Switch \u0026 AMP; Change and has been published with permission. Despite the laws, regulations and cultural uproar, there is still water inequality. But the Facebook rants and heating conversations are not enough to make a genuine change. Recently I […]

How do you apply fair payment to your company?

If it is in compensation, you have probably found the 80% statistics widely reported (a woman makes 80% of what a man does in the same work). But fair payment is much more than closing the gender salary gap. Fair payment applies to all protected classes and groups, including race, religion, age, gender and the […]

Pay the laws of transparency and what they mean for HR

Paying transparency allows employees to talk about their compensation or compensation from other employees without fear of remuneration. While this idea is usually associated with wage wages, it also includes the payment of overtime, bonuses, commissions, vacations and holiday days, exchange differentials, stock options, prizes and all benefits . What does payment transparency mean to […]

Consultancy practice practice in History of manufacture | Companion

As any human resources professional will tell you, the maintenance of competitive compensation structures is a continuous task, especially in a niche manufacturing industry. The external factors influence the payment of the employee, so it is the responsibility of the compensation professionals to continuously monitor the form is influenced by the market. A frequent method […]

Practice of COMPDATA Consulting at Trimedi Story

Maintaining a high level of executive talent is crucial for any company that seeks to solidify its place in the market, and as a company that experiences rapid growth, Trimedx wanted to make sure they were prepared for continuous success. Competitive compensation to your executive talent was a key component of your long-term strategy for […]

How salary equity and payment transparency increase employee retention

According to Willis Towers Global Talent Talent Management And Rewards and Global Workforce Studies, one out of five employees do not believe that they are being paid fairly. With the stagnant commitment of employees and increasing billing levels, as well as changes in employee expectations, more companies are converting to pay transparency practices to address […]

New salary history laws: was your compensation strategy maintained?

Delaware and Oregon has just joined Massachusetts, Puerto Rico, New York City, California and Philadelphia by addressing salary equity through the enactment of laws that prohibit employers by applying for job applicants about their salary stories. Why ask for the payment history a problem? It is perpetuating a long-standing gender salary gap. The general practice […]

California joins the growing list of states that prohibits consultations in candidates and # 039; salary stories

Last week, the Governor of California, Jerry Brown signed the Assembly assembly 168, which prohibits employers to ask candidates about their salary history during the interview process. The bill also requires employers Provide accurate payment ranges for open positions, candidates must request the payment of these positions during the interview process. The law affects employers […]

How your business will affect your business | Companion

The Federal Government revealed new Extra Time Rules that will have a massive effect on companies in Massachusetts. The change will make thousands of workers eligible for extraordinary hours, which represents a series of critical questions for companies.New Expert Program from The Boston Business Journal Daily provides key information about changes, how businesses can respond […]

White Paper: Doing Fair Pay Fair | Companion

Even with all rules, regulations and orientation, the concept of fair payment is difficult to understand and even more difficult to achieve. The regulatory requirements around fair payment and payment transparency can consume a lot of time and, sometimes,They make companies become the complex regulatory frame, instead of thinking about what is best for their […]

The power of salary equity.

Payment equity is an important consideration for today’s employers. About this important concern requires a well-considered process to ensure that individuals who perform the same work, with the same skills and the level of competition within those skills, they are paid equally. And payment equity is not only good for impacted individuals, but it has […]

Transparency in Compensation: Trends and best practices.

For some business leaders, it is reflective to protect information, keep it secret unless they have a good reason to share. However, there is a clear value in the opening and this report focuses on helping to bridbar him that gap in hisOrganization. This white paper to learn how to deliver a high quality employee […]

Doing Fair ‘Fair Payment’

The right of compensation is fundamental for your business, when recruiting new employees, improving productivity, driving employee commitment and maintaining compliance. In this program, Mark Szyphko and the lawyer of, Breather Bussing,They observe what \”fair payment\” means, both legally and in practice.

Equal payment and gender payment gap in America

What is the same day of payment? Equal payment day is the approximate day, the typical woman must work in the New Year to do what the typical man did at the end of the previous year. The day of payment equal 2018 is Tuesday, April 10. What is the gender payment gap? The gender […]

Understanding of internal compensation | Companion

The signs of spring and summer are around us. The days are becoming longer, the grass is getting greener, the trees are starting to bloom, and before many organizations will see summer interns that start filtering on their doors. Internship programs have many positive results for students. They obtain exposure to what they can expect […]

Your guide for salary history laws by state and locality.

\”What is your current salary?\” While this question was a common feature of the interview process, and even expected in recent years, now it is prohibited in many places. A growing number of state and local governments, such as in Massachusetts, Hawaii, and New York City, have adopted laws forbidden employers to request salary history […]

Put salary equity in practice with the cob

How the company helps understand and evaluate your comp data so that you can attract, participate and retain the best employees. Companalyst allows you to share information based on the analysis, integrates internal and external data sources, and bearish proactively the discrepancies of payment in your organization. Through a powerful integrated platform, COMPANALYST empowers its […]

Iceland pays the gap to close by 2022

At the beginning of 2018, Iceland made it illegal to pay men more than women, and now they are applying it. The law requires that organizations with at least 25 full-time employees receive government certification that have demonstrated equal payment. If they are not in accordance, they face a fine of approximately $ 500 per […]

Identification of the actual cost of billing.

How much does breakage cost to your organization? The answer is not always easy to identify. In this white paper, we will guide you through the process of determining the real cost of billing to help your organization make informed decisions. Specifically, we will cover: data on the billing of employees The importance of tracing […]

Calculating rotation costs

In recent years, rotation rates have constantly increased as a result of factors, such as lower unemployment rates, the lack of skills in the labor market and a growing number of Baby Boomers retirement.Use this guide forHelp with the process of determining the amount of rotation that your organization is costing. It knows that these […]

The growing tide of billing in health.

When the billing occurs, the costs can accumulate rapidly, and the volatility of the workforce can deeply affect the results of the patients.Use this white paper for advice on billing management in its medical care facility,They include: Identification of the Billing Patterns in your OrganizationTering your efforts in the ImpactPlanning areas for TurnOverhttps: // Download […]

What is your salary philosophy for 2019?

Convert the calendar to a new year, sparks of reflection and resolution for many in their personal lives. But it can also be a great time to get philosophical with compensation and benefit planning for your organization. Compensation philosophy is a foundational construction block for a successful total rewards program, and periodic reviews help ensure […]

Creating a Philosophy of Compensation

People are the greatest asset of their organization, contributing each day to their success. Making intelligent decisions about how rewards your people for your contributions is a critical component to guarantee this success. In the best class organizations, these decisions, and their general payment strategy, are driven by formal compensation. philosophy. However, in payment practices […]

The role of the strategy in a compensation plan.

If you are looking for examples of compensation strategy, it has reached the right place. The following is the first one in a three-part series in the planning of the compensation, focusing on the role played by the compensation strategy in its process of planning. If an organization is starting or has been established for […]

The role of the compensation policy in a compensation plan.

When developing a compensation plan, its compensation philosophy is the compass to guide decision making. Meanwhile, your general compensation strategy establishes the programs to bring life to the plan. But these elements should often be supported by specific policies that address the administration of the daily program. The following is the second in a series […]

Understanding the total compensation

While many employees think of compensation in terms of their base payment, they may also be eligible for other forms of compensation beyond this number. If your organization offers short and long-term incentives for your employees, the conversations are rethought with employees around total compensation, instead of the base salary, can help you communicate the […]

Why can companies with high rotation be condemned?

The rotation rate of your company is defined as the number of employees departing from your organization over the course of one year. According to the 2018 billing report of the practice of the Compromata Survey in, the total billing of the workplace in the US. UU is currently 19.3% on average, almost a […]

Non-monetary compensation, explained.

The compensation in cash that an employee receives, including his base salary and his variable payment, is generally considered the greatest reward for his work. But in many cases, the benefits of non-monetary compensation of your organization can be equally important to attract and retain maximum talent. Only because these elements of non-monetary compensation do […]

Know your value: price information you can depend on

Do you know what should be paid at your job? I mean, do you really know? Maybe you have received consistent increases and cost of living for a decade. But if your salary was not competitive at first, your salary could be far from the market rate now, especially if you have never evaluated your […]

What is payment compensation for high performance?

The term \”Performance Payment Compensation\” refers to payment-based payment programs where an employee is encouraged and rewarded for achieving objectives or objectives. Performance payment plans are extremely popular, according to our recent payment practices and the compensation strategy survey, 75% of the organizations currently take advantage of performance compensation for performance as part of their […]

Why should compensation managers use layers?

Compensation managers are tremendously valuable for any business. Salary and benefit expenses of employees typically represent 40% to 80% of the gross income of an organization, and compensation managers administer each penny of the process. His work affects productivity and is faster than an excessive budget. Some say they can jump to the office buildings […]

The impact of friction unemployment in your organization.

Friction unemployment is defined as when a worker is in the process of going from one job to another. This type of unemployment is generally considered by economists as a natural part of the labor market, but they can come with significant costs for their organization. What causes friction unemployment? There are several friction unemployment […]

What is broadband in compensation?

In human resources management, broadband is defined as having extremely wide salary bands, much wider than in traditional salary structures. While a typical salary band has a difference of 40% in the payment between your minimum and maximum points, a broadband structure can cover more than double that between its low and high-end range. In […]

Do men make more than women?

No matter where you are in your career, it’s worth considering how the payment gaps can affect you and those around you. Women obtained only 85 cents for every dollar men made in 2018, according to a PEW investigation of medium wages per hour of full-time and part-time workers in the United States. In 2017, […]

6 steps to take before creating a payment matrix

In today’s talent war, an increasing number of organizations is taking advantage of performance-based compensation plans, such as bonds and increases in merit, to reward the main employees. Research suggests that tying performance to compensation will influence the behavior of employees positively, increasing retention and productivity. Of course, the measurement performance can be quite subjective […]