Check the most correct salary standard for technicians

Business Survey Administration | Companion

The Companalyst Survey Management Module allows you to analyze your third-party compensation surveys in a convenient online repository. Now you can manage these large volumes of data in a single centralized tool for simplified efficiency and simplified market prices.

White Paper: Salary Budget Planning for 2017 | Companion

What you need to know about how to plan accurate salary budgets for next year. It’s time to start thinking about your salary budgets for next year. First view, it is easy to add 3% and set another level budget for this next year. But when we divide the results more closely, you may want […]

Ebook: Why Excel is not the answer for compensation analysis?

Excel has long been the tool used to analyze compensation practices and market price jobs. But you knew that using Excel could open your organization to some serious compliance risks and inconsistent reports? As itCompensation becomes more complex, your organization needs a solution that can automate key processes and provide the simplicity and consistency that […]

Uploading the expiration curve of the compensation.

Knowing how important it is to continually compare their current practices against HR’s main professionals, has created a tool that helps you identify the place of your organization in the expiration curve of the compensation. And onceKnow how you stack, we have presented the next logical steps for your organization as it seems that […]

Compensation planning checklist

Compensation planning is essential for any organization. At a time when attracting and retaining maximum talent is more difficult than ever, proactive compensation planning can lead your organization to the next level. To help you get aStart of jumping in the process, we have created a checklist of the questions that must be considering effectively […]

Navigating the challenges of the creation of salary structures.

Salary structures are a series of payment ranges that group the positions of a similar internal and external value. There is no correct or incorrect way to form these groups. It is an extension of the general business strategy of each company and must be createdWith the unique perspective of the company in mind. Download […]

Differences between the compensation data reported by HR

To make intelligent decisions about the value of a job to your company, you need data from a range of sources. Formal compensation surveys (HR reported data composed) are generally considered the highest quality. Self-information data (Of public origin) are the lowest quality level. Download this new white paper to learn how to evaluate what […]

Compensation and analysis data: reinstatement.

The company for the company is based on the contribution of hundreds of customers. Now we have simplified and refined our solution to help you improve the market price, analyze payment practices and answer your biggest HR questions in a wayQuick and simple Download our COMPANALYST product guide for additional information about: 360 ° Strategic […]

Everything you need to know about AI

Artificial intelligence is significantly altering how HR professionals work, how organizations measure and reward success, and how it combines the right talent to open the roles. Today’s competitive landscape, take advantage of the AI in HRAnd the compensation will help you simplify your workflows, improve productivity and create a strategic advantage for your business. Download […]

Buyer’s Guide \u0026 # 039;S Guide for human resources sellers AI

Five key questions to know before investing in AI for human resources. When considering an investment in human resources and compensation technologies to AI, it is important to carefully evaluate potential suppliers. We have collected five useful questions and guidelines, you must request that your provider AI can really optimize your flowof work and decision […]

The next generation of compensation technology.

Companalyst has integrated AI to train its compensation teams and improve the commitment and retention of employees and machine learning are predictive technologies that change the game, but they areOnly as good as the data sets that inform them and humans. Experience that the has implemented new AI practices in COMPANALYST, framed within its […]

Salary budget survey: refine your decision to make a decision.

When the time comes to start planning the costs associated with salaries, it is not uncommon to ask an actor, \”With what type of budget are you working?\” While this question may seem simple, many human resources professionals and compensation are struggling to respond. They feel that it can be a challenge to make effective […]

Convert the data into ideas with companalyst

How compancialist transforms its compensation data into proactive ideas to support the commercial strategies of your organization. Extend the power of the compensation data beyond the numbers. Companalyst’s comprehensive reports, online alerts and integrated analyzes offer proactive information directly on the workflows that most use. Through a powerful integrated platform, Companalyst empowers its team to […]

Our 5 best recommended sessions of SHRM18

The annual conference and SHRM AMP of this year; The exhibition is just around the corner, and we are only counting the days. Hold on June 17 to 20 in Chicago, SHRM is known for being the largest conference for HR professionals who hope to learn about key human resources, network with colleagues and explore […]

Testimonials of clients: How our product helps HR professionals has created and maintained the most expansive compensation database available for consumers and businesses around the world. While we pride ourselves on our products, we know that our success is based on a personalized and customer-centered communication, and not only during the initial demonstration and the first sale. One of our main objectives as […]

5 Takeaways Important SHRM18 | Companion

\”I love this conference because they are 22,000 people who seek the same: knowledge\”, Jillian Marques, Director of Human Resources at He puts \”human\” in Human Resources [123 ] Human resources: a profession that is rooted in its own nomenclature. As much as our society puts an impulse when selling technology, services or products, […]

Salary survey data navigation

The data from the salaries survey can be a valuable tool in the planning of the workforce. But as with other types of data, the salary survey data can be misleading if used incorrectly.That you are taking full advantage of your salary survey results, download our key to carry. You will learn more about: Knowing […]

Understanding the data of LTI and STI

Bonus payments can take many forms. Download our understanding of LTI and STI Data Whitpaper to understand more about the different types of incentive payment you can take advantage of in your business. Download our free book

2018-2019 National Budget Salary Budget Superior Results

Thank you for your interest in the National Salary Budget Survey 2018-2019 U.S.and Canada. We have a record response of 1,462 responses from organizations of all sizes in more than 20 diverse industries. We have created a higher level report to provide you with a login on your planning and budget for next year. […]

4 composition tools that drive compensation decisions

Compensation decisions have a great impact on business success, to influence the commitment, productivity, recruitment and retention of employees to affect profitability and compliance. With so much at stake, it is important to ensure that the correct compilation tools are in place to help decision making in your organization. In the Results Report of Payment […]

Product in the Attention Center: Compensable Factors

We are constantly improving our award-winning CompanySt platform with new features designed to help you get the right price, for the correct work, each time. In this new series, we will highlight some of our recent improvements and demonstrate how they can help your organization surf the rapidly evolution talent market. Earlier this summer, we […]

Is the PHR certification worth the effort and expenses?

Obtaining a PhR certification is not very expensive compared to other human resources certifications, but requires a significant amount of education and / or experience. The human resources professionals should see an PRS in a Long-term investment that will advance in your knowledge and will improve your position among employers. What is a PhR certification? […]

2020 Increase in minimum wage in Massachusetts.

The minimum wage has increased in Massachusetts and is $ 12.75 / hour from January 1, 2020. It was the second annual increase in a row, since a measure enacted in 2018 established the objective to increase it up to $ 15 for five years. The increase in the minimum wage 2020 has affected more […]

High-performance companies use dedicated systems to get the right to pay

Technology products are an indispensable performance enhancer for compensation professionals, and high-performance companies are more likely to trust one. But is it having a dedicated compensation system really important? If you are getting only to use spreadsheets, or do nothing, why smell time and money in a new system? Is it really a big problem? […]

Jobarquitecto: more intelligent work description management

Jobarchitect simplifies the process of creating and maintaining work descriptions so that it can market price work accurately and contract with confidence. With Jobarchitect, you can easily build and standardize your work descriptions using your content, format and brandExisting or use one of the templates of our extensive library.

Mind the gap: a guide to solve payment gaps in all its workforce

The call to address the equity of payment through its workforce has never been stronger, however, during this time of both economic and society agitation, many organizations remain unreacted to assume this vital topic.Accated the Web Seminar and observe as our compensation experts examine the benefits of developing a salary equity program and the steps […]

Summary of the HR metric survey conducted a survey of human resources metrics that are used to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of human resources policies and the impact of HR function in organizational success. The purpose of the survey was to helpParticipants create and track metrics for their own organizations and take comparisons with their colleagues, as well as […]

Window Research Work Work Description Marant Marachar

Steve Goldberg, VP and Research Director of Window Research, talks about the importance of job descriptions in the world of HR.Explica how work descriptions have worked for a long time as a fundamental element of daily operations ofA human resources department and there is room for innovation.