Do not let yourself be left out Pay Right ™

If you are looking for a clearer address at compensation, has a new podcast called Get Pay Right ™. It is organized by Mary Crogan and Kevin Plunkett and provides the latest ideas especially work and pay.

The benefits of the podcast include bonus guests, the first was David Cross, a Senior Compensation analyst at For our money, we believe that you will find it rewarding. (There is also a refreshing absence of compensation and other word sets on the podcast. It is not true here. Have you been at 6?)

In the first episode, Kevin and Mary speak of a Recent Survey of Exploring the gap between the employer and the opinions of employees when returning to the physical workplace. It’s not a big surprise, but only one group is in favor.

It also turns out that not all left all the city to work remotely. Only about 9% of the EAbbursed were moved to a different area during the pandemic. And in spite of many employees who want to work at a distance, only 8% of employers have a practice in Place to determine the payment of remote workers.

David Cross raised some of the problems that employers try to find out the compensation of remote workers. Should they be paid less or different depending on the cost of living for the place where they sit? Or should there be a uniform approach no matter where people work?

When employers close physical office spaces, they will have significant cost savings for rent, improvements, furniture, telephones and Internet. How will those savings be changed to employees who are now providing the workspace? No matter what, understanding the compensation data for the industry, jobs and the locations of a company will be important to compete and retain theS people.

Another fascinating problem is how to think about culture when people are almost never physically together. Everyone assume it matters, but we are still discovering how much. We are also working to understand how remote work affects culture and what compensation are.

There is then productivity. Most people are working more productive remotely, probably because there are less interruptions and non-programmed meetings. But it can also be because people work more hours since they do not have to travel.

Maybe we should define and measure productivity differently when changing the work environment. Maybe we should analyze the compensation differently also to account for the benefits of freedom and flexibility when we are not in A work site. Maybe we should have freedom and flexibility, no matter where we work.

EstAmos at an important turning point in the way we think about work and payment. Join the lively Mary and Kevin discussions that explore what is changing, how to think about it, and how to get the right of payment ™.To download the Get Pay Right ™ podcast, visit the podcast home page and choose your preferred transmission platform desk directly on our site.