February 2018 HR \u0026 AMP; Compensation Trends

Welcome to the second edition of the \”compensation corral\”, a monthly summary that summarizes 10 topically relevant items in space. We strive to keep us updated about what the trend has in the industry to help you plan accordingly for the next month, and although February it is the shortest month of the year, a tremendous amount has occurred in HR and compensation.

1) We. The Court of Appeals said that Title VII covers discrimination based on sexual orientation

An Appeals Court of the United States in Manhattan ruled that a federal law that prohibits sexual bias in the workplace also prohibits Discrimination against gay employees, becoming only the second court that does it. The ruling was against a brief court submitted by the Trump Administration in 2017, said Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Law was not destinedTo provide protections to gay workers.

Read more about the failure of the US Appeals Court. UU and its implications.

2) HR Under pressure: falling behind in the trashing race

HR professionals face new trends in labor force, including new business models, an approach In the analysis and digital interruption. Now, more than ever, business leaders are realizing the importance of finding superior talent, and human resources leadership is in a position where they should be kept up to date, but their organizations may be changing faster than they are .

Learn more about how to prepare HR leaders to meet the key challenges in the workplace.

3) The US Labor Board UU Fail Obama’s Fault-was ‘Joint Employment’

A Board of Labor of the USA UU . He returned to a failure that there wasA fact is easier for unions and workers to celebrate companies responsible for contractor and franchise practices. This reversed decision that had established in a 2015 case involving Browning-Ferris Industries Inc., and rejoined a previous test that says that companies are \”joint employers\” only when they exercise direct control over workers.

Read more about this ruling and how it could affect Uncaso’s important against McDonald’s Corp.

4) Managers of wealth Care: Emerging Finechns come by planning Next retirement

Financial technology of \”Robo-Retirement\” (FINTH) Startup companies are interrupting retirement savings in a large way. These new companies use new technologies and innovation to compete with traditional financial methods in the provision of financial services, and at stake isApproximately $ 27.25T in US retirement assets UU as of September 2017 (including IRA, 401 (K), pensions, etc.).

Learn more about the impact that these companies are having on workers’ retirement funds.

5) Capital compensation plans create loyalty, but uncertainty abounds

New investigations show that employees who participate in the capital compensation plans granted by the stock From the company as the payment of incentives, it includes the long-term value by doing so, but many fear committing an error when exercising options of employees or selling shares. This fear is shared by almost 48 percent. Of those who participated in the participants survey of the Schwab Capital Compensation Plan.

Read more about this type of benefit and how it contributes to the loyalty of employees.

6) USCIS strengthens the protections to combat H -1B abuses

The Visa H-1B program generally allows a foreign employee to work for a specific US sponsor employer. Recently, USCIS published a policy memorandum (PDF, 119 KB) that states that the USCIS can request documentation to ensure that a legitimate employer-employee relationship is maintained, while an employee is working on a workplace from third parties to combat the Abuse of the program.

Read more about recent changes in this program and what they mean for employers who employ foreign employees.

7) 3 Tips for starting professional development in your company

Race and growth opportunities have proven to be successful when it comes to retaining employees, but many companies do not They are satisfied that they are doing enough in the development of the race.To keep employees happy. Fortunately, there are projects, HR professionals can implement that they can be very influential in the satisfaction of employees.

Here are some tips on how you can improve employee commitment in a big way.

8) HR Tech Tools can help employers comply with GDPR

Regulation of GENERAL DATA PROTECTION (GDPR), the new Union Personal Data Privacy Rules European, they come into force on May 28. And, with less than 10% of companies in North America are fully prepared to comply with the Regulation, in accordance with the new survey of the ERWIN data governance company. This is relative to HR executives, due to lack of compliance, can be associated with large fines.

Read about technological advances that can help you comply with GDPR.

9) 5 Leaving employee strategiesS to keep your data safe

From a business perspective, employee outings have the potential to raise significant risks for commercial data, one of the most valuable assets. Any organization. To protect the data and Other concerns, an employee process that leaves must be implemented.

Here are 5 strategies you can use to protect your data once an employee chooses to leave your organization.

10) What are the last fashion words in the world of hiring?

When it comes to the last fashion words they are dominating the recruitment world, the LinkedIn data reveal a move away from highlighting individual personal strengths, to skills and skills that can be categorized more specifically. Learned about the fashionable words that are dominating the recruitment space and the factors that are influencingIn this shift.Read the corral of the compensation last month.