Is HR’s influence being lost in the C-suite?

Winning a seat at the table: P \u0026 AMP;A with Tony Diromualdo in the Hackett and Jillian Group Marques in

Expert answers to all your questions from our SBRM Seminar.

Many Webinar participants approached reflective questions during our web seminar, is it losing the influence on the C-Suite? The Tony Diromualdo Panelists, Senior Research Director in the Group Hackett and Jillian Marques,’s human resources, they were friendly enough to offer expert answers to ensure that it has all the orientation that should begin to take a more strategic role in your organization and obtain a better seat at the table.

Our Q \u0026 AMP;A throws some light on the following topics:

embracing the analyticsmakingmaking data The case for the strategic initiative of HR IntinvityHe HP Skills.