Our 5 best recommended sessions of SHRM18

The annual conference and SHRM AMP of this year; The exhibition is just around the corner, and we are only counting the days. Hold on June 17 to 20 in Chicago, SHRM is known for being the largest conference for HR professionals who hope to learn about key human resources, network with colleagues and explore a room of more than 600 exhibitors.

Salary.com will be exhibiting on # Show Show # Shrm18 at the Stand Number 1851. And, with the recent expansion of the Salary.com compuneration community, our vibrant community of more than 4,600 hours and professionals of Compensation, we believe that there is no better time, or event, to connect, participate and share with the professionals of the RV and the compensation of related ideas.

We are especially waiting for the 200 sessions of the program and the international renowned speakers, which will provide a comprehensive appearance of the most avant-garde HR. Trends that include:

Hiring and Compensation at the ForeignEecure A seat in the C-Suite TableMillennial RettentionintMinent Baby Boom Boom Retirementorororops for the professional of Solo HR in SMBS and Startups

So, what presentations are we most excited? (Apart from the Pentatonix concert on Tuesday night, of course!)

See five of our favorite session topics below:

Demystiffing RR for the One Department

Wednesday 6/20 at 11:30 am

Lori Kleiman, SHRM-SCP, President, Human Resources Topics

The role of a human resources professional is changing. The human resources departments of a single person are sprouting, since SMBS and Startups seek to reduce costs. These days, HR professionals are expected to take innumerable roles such as recruitment, annex, training, performance management, payroll, benefits and resolutionConflict ion. A daunting task! In this session, Lori will give attendees a roadmap to help address the hybrid nature of these HR roles.

More resources: We know that being the only human resources professional in an SMB can be overwhelming. That is why Salary.com has developed a solution for HR and compensation professionals. In SMB to match labor, market prices and running reports, easily, releasing time on the day for other important tasks.

Making your case to the C-Suite: Why should I be at the table?

Tuesday, 6/19 at 4:00 p.m.

Sheterl Simmons, Human Resource Officer, Master Health

In a results-based landscape, HR leaders should involve the C-suite When transforming the RR into a proactive function of \”driven by data that leads to the business strategy\”. In this session, Sheryl will identify ways that professionalsHR communicate effectively at the C-Suite level, building the relationships and skills of executive communication.

Global expansion route: what you need to know about employee management around the world

Tuesday, 6/19 at 7:00 AM

Nicole Sahin , CEO, Globalization Partners

If it is the attraction of a new customer base that generates profits, a desire for a global presence in an emerging market, or the availability of skilled workers, many factors are Driving the appetite of today’s business for success abroad. The Nicole session will cover topics such as international onting, management, compensation strategy and termination.

More resources: determination of equitable pay for employees in different cities, much less countries, can be difficult to navigate. For this purpose, salary.com has expanded our data to arrive at haSTA 16 International countries on five continents. Read more here.

Changing the discussion: Administration of a total compensation approach for a multi-generational labor force

Monday, 6/18 at 7:00 AM

Elliot Dinkin, President AMP; CEO, Cowden Associates, Inc.

Today’s workplace is historically the most diverse with respect to age, including Baby Boomers, Gen-Xers, Millennials and Gen-Yers. Determination of compensation: Base payment, incentives, retirement and PTO, is more difficult than ever because the needs of each generation vary. In this session, Elliot will teach HR professionals how to align themselves. Varios generational benefit views by creating total compensation offers that will help attract, conserve, motivate and challenge employees.

More resources: seeking to create their own total compensation program to meet the needs of the mulGenerational labor force? Look no further than the companionst platform from Salary.com.

Reinviation of human resources: A road map to face the challenges of the future and achieve success

Sunday, 6/17 at 12:30 pm

Jennifer McClure, President , Unbridled Talent, LLC

Companies face a challenging future, a volatile global economy, a greater need for innovation, shortages of talent, technological advances and demographic changes. To survive and prosper in the future, the competences and capabilities of HR must evolve. The Jennifer session will include creative ideas, strategies and examples of progressive companies and human resources recruitment leaders who are burning a path to the future.

More resources: For more advice, consult our blog, which covers the latest RS-related trends to help you stay informed and oriented towards the future.

Are you attending # Shrm18? Stop by our stand (# 1851) and learn how Salary.com has re-imagined the data of compensation and analyzes to help employees, HR and compensation professionals, and companies unlock their potential with the power of payment.Hope! To see you there!