Rewards strategies for hot jobs

The creation of convincing rewards packages for employees in hot work is one of the greatest challenges facing today’s compensations and practitioners today.

In today’s talent landscape, salaries for hot work are moving at a record rate and attracting and maintaining talent in these roles requires compensation professionals to keep a pulse in The market prices that change. However, for many new, emerging and hot jobs, the data is scarce or simply do not exist in traditional data sources.

So, how do I value accurately a job for which there is no close coincidence, there is no market data, and enormous demand? And how do you create a package of convincing total rewards that will maximize your ability to recruit and retain expert talent? recently partnered with Worldatwork for OrganizaR A web seminar that seemed to answer these questions, and more. Experts from our solutions consulting, product management and marketing teams shared best practices for price preparation positions, taking advantage of compensate factors to adapt their price efforts, and use different bonuses and vehicle incentives of payment to create the most competitive offers.

As part of this web seminar, we surveyed our live web seminar audience on the strategies they are taking advantage of. To reward employees with hot skills, as well as how they track the movement of hot work on their own markets. of payment. There are some of our findings of these polls.

Compensate employees with hot skills

when asked how compensation employees with hot skills are currentlyThe members of the audience indicated that they are currently using a variety of tactics to ensure that payment packets for these employees remain competitive.