Salary surveys 20 |20: Why polls now?

In the environment in which we are now, with all the uncertainty in our personal and professional lives, it is important for us to make decisions that are supported by the data, even if those data are imperfect. Market data and compensation surveys offer an excellent and stable resource for organizations, but in no way are they perfect. Salary surveys by nature (and by law) are looking back. You will not get daily or weekly updates from salaries surveys. That does not mean that salaries surveys have no value, they are not a relevant tool for the compensation and professional of human resources, or worthwhile to participate now.

In this, the final quota in our Salary surveys of the five-part series 20 | 20, \”We give you a lot of reasons why surveys are worth investing your time and money at this time.

The historical dataommakers and the tendencies of salaries surveys can offer us a guide in an advance plan even on something as unprecedented as the current environment. Salary surveys have been carried out for decades, through eco.Alletes and nomadic recessions, unemployment economies of a single-digit and life alteration tragedies … Recommendation: Start collection now. Be proactive and start building your data file. I recommended at the start, the surveys that are updated several times per year are preferable, quarterly it is optimal. You must analyze the acquisition data over the next 24 to 36 months with a focus on your juxtaposed labor markets to your internal organizational data. If you are an organization that you buy data every two years, invest in data in years ago. Do you have your part, participate and everyone earn! Surveys are a community and survey sellers work with and for the either good of the community. DecisiveHe was the volatility of previous data is an enemy for survey sellers and participants. Its imperative data volatility is low, especially during volatile economic conditions. The consistent participation is the only way to ensure that the community obtains the most accurate and updated data. That communityIncies ‘alternative’ data providers. The aggregate employer reported that the data and data of the body source reported, as mentioned, are also based on the data from the Salary Survey, and by extension, the community of participants within these surveys. Recommendation: Participate even if there is no budget or immediate necessity. Involve your survey provider for additional information. Many survey providers are performing \”off\” and pulse surveys at current related events. Ask to get involved or provide comments on a topic in which you are interested. In addition, L.Consultants and survey analysts see and talk with many people within companies with which they are committed. They can provide some large anecdotal data from their experiences in the trenches. Nonazcan the opportunity to analyze your internal payment practices and ‘Shore Up’ Top Top Ergentes. Before the fall of the recession while you were going to that hatching, should you extend a bit to bring a new candidate? How did they impact that your payment ratings and the moral of existing employees? The possibilities are that employees who are contributing for you now were the best interpreters at that time … Recommendation: Identify the ‘flight risk’ inside From its population of high performance your current payment against data from the salary survey and recommend adjustments to leadership when appropriate.

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