Salary surveys 20 |20: Why use salary surveys?

In a volatile and uncertain work environment, it is important to make decisions based on facts and supported by the data. For compensation and human resources professionals, there are no better or more reliable data available than the employer’s reported salary survey data. But why use a salary survey? What is your relevance now in a market full of \”other types\” of data offers?

Why use salary surveys?

Defendable: Protect your data and understand where the third party data comes from. They adhere to the guidelines of the Department of Justice and Federal of the Federal Trade Commission, have a transparent, documented and shared methodology with proven processes used to collect, validate, protect and report data. In addition, participants in a salary survey must be listed and available by the provider (for example: the list of sample participants). All isTo guarantee that the decisions made in their compensation practice can be legally supported, in the meeting room, and when they combined with employees. Remember: Salary surveys have been a basic element of the compensation professional for decades and continue to be the preferred research tool. From Fortuna 50 to start UPS and all segments of the industry, more than 80% of organizations use salaries surveys to carry out their total analysis of rewards (*). Competitive: Keep the pace within the labor markets you want to recruit with salaries surveys. Understand, your employee (s) is potentially the goal of another company, so make sure that you are competitive internally as well.

Look for future fees from our five-part series, \”Salary surveys 20 | 20\”. In future publications, we will provide a broad vision of why you should considerR Salary surveys Even now, highlight some things you should look for, avoid and distrust and provide some useful tips to manage your relationship with your survey partners.

123] The practice of the COMPDATA and IPAS survey in is one of the world’s largest compensation data providers with compensation ND Benefits Adoas that cover 100Countries in 17 vertical industry. For more information, contact us at 781-552-4596.(*) Source: 2019 Pay PACESS Encoutos