Topics and takeoff from Total Rewards 2018

Several members of the COMPDATA and AMP surveys; The consulting team recently attended the 2018 World at the Total Work Rewards Conference and Dallas Exhibition. While at the conference, we had a great time talking to many of his initiatives of total rewards and his concerns regarding the total rewards and the workforce he supports. Some hot topics and topics surrounding compensation and benefit planning emerged from our conversations with you and sessions that attended our team.

The main challenges faced by most organizations are addressing the billing and the growing shortage of labor force. With unemployment at historically low levels, it is difficult to recruit people you need and there are many options for your employees outside your organization. The speaker of a session pointed out that now there are more jobs than qualified people available forRa fill them in the United States. Totality rewards programs should evolve from a single-approach size or just need to implement what stroking well for other organizations. The design of the programs should focus on \”best fit\” instead of \”best practices\”. Total rewards programs must be agile and designed around specific groups of employees. Employees are not satisfied with current total rewards programs. A statistic cited during the conference was that only 15% of employees would recommend the total reward programs of their organization. There is a sense of urgency to find solutions to business volume problems, the total design of the rewards program and improvement of the level of satisfaction with current programs. . We had many people who asked us very specific questions about our payment practices, benefits and dataof compensation, as well as our advice on your current problems.

This sense of emergency will probably face total rewards professionals for a while.As you seek solutions to the total rewards initiatives of your organization, do not hesitate to arrive.We are happy that many of you did it at the conference and look forward to continuing with these conversations. We also hope to start new conversations with those of you who were not at the conference. COMPDATA AND AMPLIFIERMENTS; The consultancy is here to help you find themSolutions you need today.