Which means the new salaries transparency legislation for your organization.

In the summer of 2021, Connecticut and Rhode Island joined a handful of states that require dissemination of salary rank in an effort to create greater salary transparency. For some employers, transparency creates a high anxiety, while others They have been adopting transparency for years. Wherever they are in the continuum transparency, the current shortage of talents of the labor market is creating many challenges as employers struggle to recruit and retain the talent they need. In an article of first Page on August 2, the Wall Street Journal reported that salaries for employment switches increased by 5.8% in the last year, but only 3.1% for people who stayed in the same position. You will receive Transparency help or hurt organizations in the current environment? It is clear that the expectations of employees have changed, and higher wages are rippling throughFrom the ranks.Tar prepared and avoid the involuntary consequences will be key. Our discussion in the panel will explore the impact and opportunities associated with the transparency of payment.D offers a variety of perspectives to consider.